We have gone crazy and have doubled our already big prize fund for the Free Bet Giveaway promotion! Its now and incredible UGX2,000,000
Are you featured in the leaderboard below as one of our potential free bet winners?
The more bets you make the more chance you have of getting a BIG FREE BET PRIZE!
Come back each day to check on your progress.
Promotion takes place 20.05.22 (00:01 GMT) – 22.05.22 (23:59 GMT)
Table updated every 24 hours

Free Bet Prizes Spread
1st Place = 400,000 UGX
2nd Place = 300,000 UGX
3rd Place = 200,000 UGX
4th Place = 60,000 UGX
5th Place-15th Place = 40,000 UGX Each
16th Place-75th Place = 10,000 UGX Each 

Last update: 23.05.22 07:00 GMT

Final PositionPlayer IDFinal ScoreFree Bet Prize
12640864248UGX 400,000
23770023013UGX 300,000
33953062064UGX 200,000
43244161766UGX 60,000
5930171506UGX 40,000
64549381128UGX 40,000
72717611095UGX 40,000
83995731095UGX 40,000
9944661047UGX 40,000
101129221044UGX 40,000
114419611033UGX 40,000
12127441019UGX 40,000
13847471018UGX 40,000
142715521006UGX 40,000
152886991002UGX 40,000
1695456999UGX 10,000
17289924999UGX 10,000
18267717970UGX 10,000
19103520966UGX 10,000
20356761958UGX 10,000
21247231926UGX 10,000
2293589878UGX 10,000
23293686804UGX 10,000
2486616795UGX 10,000
25274121788UGX 10,000
26262685775UGX 10,000
27256259771UGX 10,000
28195284770UGX 10,000
29296995753UGX 10,000
30286424744UGX 10,000
31312756744UGX 10,000
32272361741UGX 10,000
33398546713UGX 10,000
34317856712UGX 10,000
35174541707UGX 10,000
36302820692UGX 10,000
37192527680UGX 10,000
38267265677UGX 10,000
39254472668UGX 10,000
40302585668UGX 10,000
4181059662UGX 10,000
42266595662UGX 10,000
43446574662UGX 10,000
44261797647UGX 10,000
45435783640UGX 10,000
46389437636UGX 10,000
47238910633UGX 10,000
48419866633UGX 10,000
49303054625UGX 10,000
50317204623UGX 10,000
51126651614UGX 10,000
52408671614UGX 10,000
53347287608UGX 10,000
54266254606UGX 10,000
55134023604UGX 10,000
56330623599UGX 10,000
57267666586UGX 10,000
58356486576UGX 10,000
59234548572UGX 10,000
60267752565UGX 10,000
61105456564UGX 10,000
62350275558UGX 10,000
63314110556UGX 10,000
64112268540UGX 10,000
65318095540UGX 10,000
6690845535UGX 10,000
67385711532UGX 10,000
6896032530UGX 10,000
69281378522UGX 10,000
70412493522UGX 10,000
71295075521UGX 10,000
72267670516UGX 10,000
73264549512UGX 10,000
74344231510UGX 10,000
75264108509UGX 10,000

Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion takes place 20.05.22 (00:01 GMT) – 22.05.22 (23:59 GMT)
  • Promotion includes all sports which take place during the promotional period.
  • A player gets 1 virtual point for every bet made on any sport during the promotional period.
  • For example, if you bet on Manchester United to draw, and Barcelona to win, this is 2 bets and = 2 points
    However, the number of selections on each ticket CANNOT exceed 100.
  • Tickets with 101 or more selections will NOT be included in the points calculation for that player.
  • The more virtual points a player receives, the greater chances they have of moving higher up the leaderboard and winning a free bet prize
  • If a player wins a free bet, the free bet will be credited to their account within 48 hours after the promotional period has ended
  • The leaderboard is updated every 24 hours
  • If players on the leaderboard have the same amount of points, then the prize will be shared equally between them. For example: If two players are both in 1st place, then the top prize of a UGX 1,000 free bet will be shared equally – each player will receive UGX 5,000
  • If a player wins a free bet, the free bet will be credited to their account within 48 hours after the promotional period has ended
  • Bets must be only on Sports Betting (both live and Pre-match). Bets on Casinos and Virtual sports are not eligible for this promotion
  • Bets placed with bonus money are not eligible
  • GSB has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse participation at any time without prior notice
  • GSB reserves the right to review customers’ transaction records and logs for any reason. If, upon such review, it appears that a customer is participating in a strategy that GSB at its sole discretion deems to be unfair, GSB reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customers to the promotion and cancel their winnings
  • All our relevant general Gaming rules apply

Free Bets Terms & Conditions

  • If a player who receives the free bet is not eligible, the free bet will be cancelled
  • GSB reserve the right to cancel the free bet at any time
  • Any Free Bet balance must be used in its entirety as a single bet
  • This single bet can include single selections or multiple selections in one bet
  • Should the Free Bet be placed on a selection that is later voided, the original Bonus Bet wagered amount will be returned to your Account
  • Each free bet is valid for 3 days after receiving it
  • A Free Bet can only be used to place wagers, and cannot be transferred, substituted, or exchanged
  • Any available Free Bet balance cannot be withdrawn
  • These free bets are available on Sports Betting events only (prematch & live)
  • This free bet cannot be used with any other free bet offer from Gal Sports Betting
  • Minimum requirements to use these free bets:
    • 1 Rollover
    • 3 Selections
    • Minimum odd per selection: 1.5
  • One bonus per user