1.Monaco Vs PSG – Yes (Friday)

Monaco are currently 3rd placed as they host log leaders PSG at Stade Louis II. Both sides are well known for playing attacking football with less reserved game approach tactics. Both easily concede however they easily score goals. PSG’s average goals scored per game is 1.75 while Monaco’s is 1.25. It is going to be an end to end game today so do the needful. 6/10 of their last H2H meetings saw both teams score a goal. Kikole mwana wattu weekend tugiyingile ne Swagga.

2.Freiburg Vs Bayern Munich – 2&O2.5 (Friday)

At Europa Park Stadion, 9th placed Freiburg that have not won a game from their last 7 outings in all competitions host angry and hungry Bayern Munich that look at reviving their season after losing 2 games in a row prior to their 2:1 win against RB Leipzig. I anticipate a Win for the Bavarians with a minimum of 3 goals in the entire game. Bayern have won 5/5 last league H2H with 4/5 being O2.5

3.Lazio Vs AC Milan – No GG (Friday)

Lazio currently 8th in Serie A host 3rd placed AC Milan as the race for Scudetto continues. AC Milan have no win in their last 2 league games as Lazio lost to Fioretina on Monday. This clearly shows that both sides are short of creativity of recent and given that both are good defensively whenever they meet, I do not expect to see both score. They have not made Goal-Goal in 6/7 of their last H2H meetings in all competitions.

4.Brentford Vs Chelsea – 1X (Saturday)

I think enough is enough for Brentford to keep losing. They have lost 4/5 of their last league games to Man City twice, Liverpool and West Ham. Chelsea come as guests at Brentford Community stadium to play against a side that looks forward to secure themselves from relegation after Everton 10 point deduction was reduced to six. The worst I see Brentford getting in this fixture is a draw. Chelsea are not good guests this season.

5.Nottingham Vs Liverpool – 2 (Saturday)

Liverpool are currently leading the league with a point a head of Man City. I do not see them whatsoever accepting to drop points against a 17th placed side. Liverpool have won their last 2 H2H league meetings with Nottingham Forest. Ajja kukakuba kano tumuwe.

6.Union Berlin Vs Dortmund – O2.5 (Saturday)

Union Berlin currently 14th placed host 4th placed Dortmund at Stadion An Der Alten Försterei as the race for point accumulation continues in Germany top tier. 4/5 last H2H meetings between the 2 sides have seen a minimum of 3 goals. Expect one side fighting to overcome relegation, another fighting to finish in top 4, expect an end to end game. All the above sums up to an O2.5 goals.

7.Valencia Vs Real Madrid – Yes (Saturday)

Valencia have scored in 4/5 last H2H against Real Madrid whenever they host the game at Estadio de Mestalla. Madrid have also conceded in all their last 2 away games in the league. Omusajja bamutebamu ate naye asobola okuteeba. Goal-Goal ejja kukwatayo

8.Manchester City Vs Manchester United – 1&O1.5 (Sunday)

Man City are currently 2nd placed on the EPL log and here comes the Manchester derby in a situation where they do not want to lose any point following Liverpool’s smooth run at the top of the table. 9/10 of their last H2H meetings have seen a minimum of 2 goals and 4/5 last H2H have been won by Man City. City tumuwe ajja kutegula omusajja.

9.Koln Vs Bayer Leverkusen – 2&O1.5 (Sunday)

Koln are currently 17th placed as they host the Germany darlings at the moment Bayer Leverkusen at RheignEnergieStadion in Cologne. Bayer Leverkusen famously known as The Blacks and Reds are still unbeaten as they look forward to winning their 1st ever Bundesliga title. 4/5 of their last H2H meetings have also seen a minimum of 2 goals. No one can stop Xabi Alonso’s boys at the moment.

10.Ath. Bilbao Vs Barcelona – No GG (Sunday)

At Estadio San Mames, 5th placed Bilbao host 3rd placed Barcelona as the race for silverware and European spots continues. All their last 4 league H2H meetings were won by Barcelona and none of them saw both teams score. Nolwekyo teka sente wolaba ebyafaayo tebilimba.

~Good Luck~


Exploring the Global Fanbase: Top 5 Most Supported Football Clubs

Exploring the Global Fanbase: Top 5 Most Supported Football Clubs

5 Most Supported Football Clubs

The love and commitment of football fans make the game what it is: “the beautiful game.” During the Covid-19 lockdown, when venues were empty, the lack of passionate fans made it clear how important they are to the sport itself. The outrage from English fans, who worked together to fight the planned European Super League in 2021, was especially impressive. It shows how strong these loyal fans are.


The Evolution of Fan Culture

Football fandom is like a tapestry with different threads. There are people who have been to games their whole lives, people who buy season tickets, and younger fans who watch the game on TV. Modern football and changes in technology have created many new ways for fans to get involved. Some teams have huge fan bases both in their home country and around the world.


Unveiling the Titans: The Top 5 Most Supported Football Clubs

A lot of teams claim they have the most fans, but it’s still hard to put a number on that. But some teams definitely have fans all over the world, sparking passion across countries. Looking at things like social media, ticket sales, TV ratings, and product sales can help you understand how popular these football giants are around the world.


  1. Juventus: Conquering Hearts Worldwide

With a social media following of 147.4 million across major platforms, Juventus stands as Italy’s success story. Boasting legendary players like Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon, the Turin-based club’s fame extends far beyond Serie A, captivating audiences with their stylish brand of football.


  1. Paris Saint-Germain: A Global Phenomenon

Under the patronage of Qatar Sports Investments, Paris Saint-Germain’s meteoric rise to global prominence has been nothing short of remarkable. With stars like Kylian Mbappe and Neymar on their team, PSG has a huge fan base, especially among younger people, as shown by their 163 million social media followers.


  1. Manchester United: A Global Red Army

Manchester United, a team name that is always associated with great sports, has an amazing 207 million followers on social media. From their glory years under Sir Alex Ferguson to their broad popularity around the world now, fans from Accra to Tokyo feel the Red Devils’ influence.


  1. Barcelona: More Than a Club

With an online reach surpassing even their fiercest rivals, Barcelona’s influence extends well beyond the digital realm. The Catalan giants, home to footballing stars like Lionel Messi and Xavi, embody a legacy of excellence and style, boasting a global fanbase estimated at a staggering 350 million.


  1. Real Madrid: Kings of the Global Arena

Regarded as the pinnacle of footballing excellence, Real Madrid reigns supreme with a social media following of 360.5 million. From their European dominance to the moments of the Galacticos era, featuring iconic names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, Los Blancos have etched an indelible mark on the global footballing landscape.


The uncontrolled passion of football fans is what the sport is all about. As we learn about the complexities of global fan culture, we see how the legacies of football legends have left an impact that goes far beyond the field. Even though modern football is always changing, one thing is clear: the game lives on the unwavering support of its dedicated fans, who connect people from all over the world.


The Clash of Titans: 7 Must-Watch Football Derbies Unveiled

The Clash of Titans: 7 Must-Watch Football Derbies Unveiled

Football enthusiasts, known for their unparalleled passion, create a wide range of emotions in communities worldwide. From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the industrial towns of northern England, football holds an unparalleled significance.

While every match day sparks excitement, certain games stand out. These are the derbies — clashes between rival teams that transcend the ordinary. In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of soccer derbies, understanding what makes them unique and why they hold such profound meaning for fans. Additionally, we’ll delve into seven of the world’s most intense derby rivalries that have left an indelible mark on the global football stage.


Decoding Soccer Derbies

A soccer derby is more than just a match; it’s a fierce encounter between two geographically close, rival teams. Unlike rivalries based solely on league standings or recent history, derbies are infused with the regional factor, amplifying the intensity of the competition.

Interestingly, these clashes don’t need to occur every season. In fact, a hiatus can often heighten the anticipation and intensity when the rivals eventually meet. Each professional football club typically has a primary local rival, fostering a deep-seated animosity. Whether it’s Arsenal vs. Spurs, Swansea City vs. Cardiff City, or Millwall vs. West Ham, the rivalries run deep, creating an emotional connection between the teams and their supporters.


The Essence of Derby Matches

Derby matches hold a special place in the hearts of football fans. The geographical proximity, historical context, and shared disdain between teams amplify the stakes. The anticipation and build-up to a derby game are unparalleled, making victory sweeter and defeat more bitter. Now, let’s journey into some of the most fiercely contested derbies worldwide.


Exploring the World’s Pinnacle Derbies

  1. The Old Firm: Celtic vs. Rangers

In Scottish football, the clash between Celtic and Rangers, known as ‘The Old Firm,’ stands out. Beyond football, religious sectarianism fuels the animosity, with Protestant Rangers fans facing off against Catholic Celtic supporters. This historic rivalry has shaped the landscape of Scottish football for decades.

  1. The Milan Derby: AC Milan vs. Internazionale

Italy’s Serie A witnesses the heated Milan derby between AC Milan and Internazionale, known as ‘Derby della Madoninna.’ The socio-economic backdrop adds an extra layer, with Inter associated with the middle class and Milan traditionally embraced by the working class.

  1. El Clasico: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Arguably the most famous derby globally, El Clasico, pits Real Madrid against Barcelona. This clash transcends football, embodying political undertones as Barcelona symbolizes Catalan pride, while Real Madrid represents the centralized Spanish state.

  1. The Superclasico: Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

In football-crazed Argentina, the Superclasico between Boca Juniors and River Plate takes center stage. The animosity is so intense that it prompted the relocation of the 2018 Copa Libertadores final to Madrid due to fears of violence.

  1. Kitalarasi Derbi: Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray

Istanbul hosts the fervent rivalry between Turkey’s ‘Big Three,’ particularly the Kitalarasi Derbi featuring Fenerbahce and Galatasaray. The unique geographical setup, with one club on the European side and the other on the Asian side of Istanbul, adds an extra layer of tension.

  1. The Cairo Derby: Ah Ahly vs. Zamalek

Egypt’s football frenzy culminates in the Cairo Derby between Al Ahly and Zamalek. With both clubs dominating Egyptian football, the clash has historic significance, attracting massive TV audiences and occasionally leading to clashes between passionate fanbases.


  1. Derby of the Eternal Enemies: Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos

In Greece, the ‘Derby of the Eternal Enemies’ features Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, representing a historic clash of class distinctions. Despite evolving societal dynamics, the bitterness persists, making it one of the most intense derbies in Greek football.


The Culmination of Intensity

As we unravel the essence of soccer derbies, it becomes evident that these clashes are more than just sporting events. They are cultural phenomena, driven by geographical proximity, historical narratives, and societal dynamics. The fervor, intensity, and raw emotions associated with derbies make them a captivating spectacle for football enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s the Old Firm, El Clasico, or the Superclasico, each derby adds a unique chapter to the rich tapestry of global football rivalries.





1. Bayer Leverkusen Vs Mainz – 1&O1.5 (Friday)

Bundesliga league leaders Bayer Leverkusen are notably unbeaten and untouchably bossing the title race. At Bay Arena, no chance for Mainz. 2:0, 3:1 or 2:1 are the scores I anticipate.

2.Bologna Vs Verona – 1 (Friday)

A win for Bologna will see them enter the top 4 as they are currently tied up on equal points with 4th placed Atalanta. Verona are 18th placed in relegation and have not won a game in their last 5 fixtures. Bologna have not lost a game from their last 5 leagues fixtures, winning 4 and drawing only once. Let us put our trust in Bologna to win. Ajja kusabula akasajja

3.Manchester United Vs Fulham – 1 (Saturday)

Man United have won all their last 5 games in all competitions and have won 4/5 of their last H2H with Fulham. Sitting 6th with hopes of qualifying for Champions League football next season, I see the Red Devils winning this game

4.Bournemouth Vs Man City – 2 (Saturday)

Bournemouth have not won a game in their last 5 EPL games and here they come up against the Citizens that are chasing Liverpool at the summit of the log. City cannot bare to lose to Bournemouth today. 5/5 last H2H were won by Man City

5.Arsenal Vs Newcastle – O2.5 (Saturday)

Arsenal are currently 3rd placed with few points separating them with log leaders and see this as an opportunity to extend their good run to continue making a title contention statement. Both sides have not lost a game in their last 5 fixtures however all Arsenal’s were straight win unlike Newcastle that made 2 draws from the 5. All their last 5 H2H meetings saw U2.5 goals however this time I expect an end to end game as Newcastle is no longer so good defensively as they were before. Arsenal is currently the most forward going team in EPL and have scored 14 goals from their last 3 league games. Goal zigenda kunyooka baaba.

6.Bayern Munich Vs Leipzig – O2.5 (Saturday)

Bayern have lost all their last 2 league games which really caused a lot of commotion in their administration putting the manager’s job at stake. The defending champions now sit 8 points behind log leaders Bayer Leverkusen. I expect an end to end game as both will aim for the 3 points. Both also easily concede. 4/5 of their last H2H meetings have ended in more than 2 goals.

7.Rangers Vs Hearts – 1 (Saturday)

Rangers are currently leading the Scottish Premier League table and at Ibrox today they host high flying Hearts. Both sides have won all their last 5 fixtures. Both may be in great form but Rangers slightly edge Hearts and have a better pedigree. Rangers have won 4/5 last H2H meetings with Hearts. Tumuwe edibba ajja kukikola.

8.Chelsea Vs Liverpool – 2 (Sunday)

It is the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley as Jurgen Klopp looks set to at least win silverware in his last season at Liverpool. Liverpool have defeated Chelsea in their last two finals meet ups at Wembley and basing on the current form and squad quality, I see the Reds winning the league cup. Klopp rested his star players like Salah, Nunez in mid-week in preparation for this. Liverpool also thumped 4 goals past Chelsea in their 2nd leg meeting of the 2023/24 EPL meeting. Tumuwe akisabule.

9.Juventus Vs Frosinone – 1 (Sunday)

Juventus have not won a game in their last 4 Serie A fixtures which has seen Inter stretch the league log lead to 9 points. I do believe Juventus will strive harder today to win as they play at home against a 15th placed Frosinone side that have lost all their last 3 league games. 5/5 last H2H meetings were won by the Old lady

10.Real Madrid Vs Sevilla – 1&O1.5 (Sunday)

Real Madrid are 6 points clear on top of Spanish La Liga and currently look at stretching the lead to 9 points as they host struggling Sevilla. Sevilla are currently 15th placed and have been so inconsistent this season. I do not give them any chance at Estadio Bernabeu.

11.Anytime Goal Scorer Special:

You can also bet on La Liga top scorer Jude Bellingham to score at any time as he currently has 16 goals. You may add Haaland to score and Salah to score in the Carabao final against Chelsea. Total Odd: 6.43





1.Dortmund Vs Freiburg – 1&O2.5 (Friday)

Dortmund are currently 4th placed as they host 7th placed Freiburg at Signal Iduna Park. Dortmund have won all their last 4 H2H meetings with Freiburg and all games saw O2.5 goals. Guno mwangu, ekyokola okimanyi.

2.Salernitana Vs Empoli – Yes (Friday)

Salernitana currently sit at the bottom of the log as they host 2nd last Empoli. In short, this is a battle of relegation as both sides fight to stay in the league. 4/5 of their last H2H meetings have seen both teams score. I anticipate a one all draw or 2:2 final score naye nga goal zijja kuvva buli luuyi.

3.Manchester City Vs Everton – HC 1 (Saturday)

Man City have a chance to top the league if they win this game. Following their high flying form, I see them thumping and humbling Everton with a margin of 2 goals.

4.Liverpool Vs Burnley – 1&O1.5 (Saturday)

After losing to Arsenal on Sunday, the Reds will look forward to bouncing back to their winning ways if they are to still challenge for the title this season. They cannot afford to lose to Burnley at Anfield given Man City is on their neck.

5.Tottenham Vs Brighton – O2.5 (Saturday)

The battle for European spots continues as 5th placed Tottenham host 8th placed Brighton at Tottenham stadium. Both sides play direct football and this gives us a very good game on our hands. I anticipate goals flocking in from either side. Both their last 2 H2H meetings saw more than 2 goals.

6.Bayer Leverkusen Vs Bayern Munich – Yes&O2.5 (Saturday)

What a game on the deck today as two German giants meet in a battle for league triumph. Only 2 points separate them as Bayern Munich trail the hosts by 2 points. We are going to see an end to end game with goals from both sides. A minimum of 3 goals is also a sure deal in this game. Goal zijja kunywa ate bajja kwetebamu.

7.AS Roma Vs Inter – 2 (Saturday)

Ever since Roma sucked Jose Mourinho, they have pulled up their stockings and collected some reasonable points however the guests today are the log leaders who have won all their last outings in all competitions. Inter Milan have also won 4/5 of their last H2H with Roma. Inter have also won their last 2 visits at Stadio Olimpico.

8.Real Madrid Vs Girona – Yes (Saturday)

Real Madrid are currently leading the log with a margin of 2 points as Girona occupy the 2nd position. I anticipate an end to end game which will see at least a goal from each side. Madrid have scored a goal in all their last 5 games and Girona have also managed to score 4 times from their last 5 fixtures.

9.Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast – U2.5 (Sunday)

It is the Final at Stade Olympique Alassane Ouattara as two African giants battle it out. Who takes it home? Will the current African player of the year Victor Osimhen lead his side to victory or will it be Dortmund’s tally’s man Haller to help Ivory Coast win? Ivory Coast are the hosts and I expect them to pose a lot of resistance given they have the crowd. It won’t be an open game and I expect a maximum of 2 goals in regular time. Nigeria are the favorites according to most bookmakers. All Nigeria’s 6 games so far in this AFCON edition have seen U2.5.

10.West Ham Vs Arsenal – 2 (Sunday)

West Ham have not won a single game from their last 6 games in all competitions and here comes an Arsenal side that have just defeated log leaders Liverpool. High motivation for Arsenal to challenge for the league gives them 3 steps ahead of West Ham in this fixture today. West Ham won their last 2 H2H meetings with Arsenal but this is totally a downgraded West Ham side against an upgraded Arsenal side. Omupila Arsenal ejja kukujjayo babange tumwesige.



AFCON Legends: Top 10 Nations with Most Appearances

AFCON Legends: Top 10 Nations with Most Appearances

AFCON Legends: Top 10 Nations with Most Appearances

Many notable football players have played in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), demonstrating how good the winning nations have been. These teams want to show off their football skills and represent their countries on the largest platform of African football.  


  1. Zambia’s Dedication: 17 Appearances

Zambia’s 17 appearances in the AFCON show their dedication to the tournament. Even though the Copper Bullets haven’t played in the tournament as often as some other teams, their love of football and occasional strong performances have left their mark on its long past. Their best moment was when they won the title in 2012.


  1. Morocco’s Tactical Brilliance: 18 Appearances

With 18 starts, Morocco is known for having great players and smart strategies. Though they have only one AFCON win, their consistent presence indicates they can beat challenging opponents. Morocco’s FIFA World Cup 2022 performance was praised for its dedication to precision and sometimes brilliance.


  1. Algeria’s Resilience and Proficiency: 19 Appearances

The fact that Algeria has been to 19 AFCONs shows how tough and skilled they are. Aside from winning two tournaments, the Desert Foxes are known for having good tactical teams. Algeria is a football powerhouse thanks to players like Riyad Mahrez and Benrahma, who have shown that they can play with any team on the continent.


  1. DR Congo’s Sporadic Brilliance: 19 Appearances

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s 19 appearances showcase sporadic footballing brilliance amid challenges. With two tournament victories, the team has consistently displayed moments of excellence, earning recognition in the African football community.


  1. Nigeria’s Rich Legacy: 19 Appearances

The Super Eagles of Nigeria boast a rich footballing legacy, highlighted by three AFCON titles. Across 19 appearances, Nigeria has consistently showcased a blend of tactical intelligence and skillful play. Known for producing players of the highest calibre, Nigeria’s presence in AFCON reflects its potential and contribution to global football.


  1. Tunisia’s Consistent Presence: 20 Appearances

Tunisia is the best example of a consistent AFCON team because they have participated 20 times. With fewer wins than some other teams, the Eagles of Carthage are known for being skilled and disciplined on the field. A good opponent like Tunisia is a result of their tactical and technical knowledge, which makes the game more interesting.


  1. Cameroon’s Dominance: 20 Appearances

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, with five tournament wins, hold an outstanding AFCON record with 20 appearances. Known for aggressiveness and tactical skill, Cameroon is a constant threat and a formidable opponent year after year. Their history signifies strength and authority in African football.


  1. Ghana’s Stalwart Presence: 23 Appearances

The Black Stars of Ghana, with four AFCON tournaments under their belt, boast a robust footballing legacy. With 23 appearances, Ghana has maintained stability and frequently reached the later stages of the competition. A dominant force in AFCON, Ghana produces players of international caliber and remains a strong contender, particularly when playing on their home pitch.


  1. Ivory Coast’s Formidable Legacy: 24 Appearances

In AFCON, the Ivory Coast’s Elephants have consistently been formidable rivals. Despite securing two championships, their 24 appearances underscore a history of producing excellent players who excel globally. The team’s powerful squads and competitive spirit exemplify African footballing talent.


  1. Egypt’s Unprecedented Dominance: 25 Appearances

Egypt, with 25 appearances and seven tournament victories, stands as the unparalleled force in AFCON history. The Pharaohs, with their illustrious squad and winning record, symbolize the pinnacle of African football. Respected for their steady play, Egypt is perennially the favorite, having also secured silver and bronze medals, thanks to stellar performances from notable players like Mo Salah.

In conclusion, the top 10 nations with the most AFCON appearances have etched their indelible mark on the tournament’s rich history. Beyond the numbers, each appearance represents a chapter in the evolving story of African football, where dedication, resilience, and brilliance converge on the grandest stage.





1.Nigeria Vs Angola – U2.5 (Friday)

Nigeria are currently the favorites to Win AFCON after Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco and Ghana were all eliminated. Both sides are evenly close when it comes to tactical game approach as they almost use the same system (4-3-3). I anticipate a reserved game that will not witness more than 2 goals. We may even see Overtime after both sides drawing 1:1 at fulltime. 4/5 last H2H competitive meetings have seen not more than 2 goals. Guno tuguteka wansi, sigulabamu goolo ziwela sattu. Teka sente ku Under 2.5.

2.Strasbourg Vs PSG – 1X (Friday)

10th placed Strasbourg host log leaders PSG at Stade de la Meinau as the race for French Ligue 1 title continues. PSG have not won any away game against Strasbourg at Stade de la Meinau and I still anticipate a hard game for PSG tonight following the host’s good form of not losing a game from their last 5 fixtures. PSG have also won only once from their last 5 visits to Strasbourg.

3.Heidenheim Vs Dortmund – O2.5 (Friday)

Dortmund are currently 4th placed and a win today will see them surpass Stuttgart to move to 3rd on the log as 10th placed Heidenheim have not lost a game in all their last 5 outings. I anticipate an end to end game with a minimum of 3 goals. All their last 2 ever H2H meetings saw Over 3.5 goals.

4.Mali Vs Ivory Coast – O1.5 (Saturday)

Over 1.5 at odd 1.58 is worth a risk when 2 African giants are battling out in the Quarter Finals of AFCON. Mali is one of the best sides this edition and Ivory Coast have also grown in confidence as the tournament progressed. Being the hosts, I see Ivory Coast scoring at least a goal. Mali can also score at any one moment in time following their high scoring form in this edition. Mali have so far scored 5 goals in the 4 games making an average of 1.25 goals per game.

5.Cape Verde Vs South Africa – Yes (Saturday)

It is game 4 of AFCON23 quarter finals as Cape Verde go H2H with South Africa. Both sides really play good football and create lots of chances whenever they play. I anticipate a goal from each side. I see a 1:1 2:1 or 1:2. Bajja kwetebamu tube bagumu.

6.Everton Vs Tottenham – O2.5 (Saturday)

A win for Tottenham will see them move to 4th place after Aston Villa lost to Newcastle in mid-week. Everton are currently in 18th position and are trying to fight relegation. I anticipate an end to end game with lots of goals flocking into either net. Tugukwate over ya goal satu ba men.

7.Newcastle Vs Luton – 1 (Saturday)

Newcastle are now currently 7th placed after thumping Villa 3:1 in mid-week. Luton moved out of relegation in mid-week after thumping Brighton 4:0 and here comes another challenge at King James’ Park against a Newcastle side that looks at reviving themselves after losing 4 games in a row prior to their win against Aston Villa. It will be with a small margin but I see Newcastle edging Luton.

8.Frosinone Vs AC Milan – 2 (Saturday)

3rd placed AC Milan are guests to Frosinone at Stadio Benito Stirpe as the race for Scudetto continues in Italy. AC Milan has not lost a game from their last 5 fixtures seeing them win 4 times and drawing only once. Frosinone have lost 3/5 of their last outings and I do not see them stopping the Rossoneri today. AC Milan tumuwe edibba ajja kugujayo kumpaka.

9.Manchester United Vs West Ham – O2.5 (Sunday)

Manchester United have really been and still are struggling this season following their managerial back office issues and player dedication on the pitch. All this has seen them currently occupy the 9th spot on the log. West Ham are 6th placed and have won all the last 2 H2H meetings with Man United. I anticipate an end to end game as both sides will aim for maximum points today following their chase for European football next season. Goal blood wange zigenda kunywa okuvva ku side zombie mugunno. Teka akasente ko ku over ya golo sattu. O2.5 at odd 1.65 is worth a risk in this one.

10.Arsenal Vs Liverpool – O2.5 (Sunday)

Sibba Over ya golo 3 ogule juice oba beer otuule osilike olinde kusasula.Almost having the same style of play and both good in shape at the moment is the most selling point for the English FA and clubs regarding viewership for this game. What a game this is going to be! Liverpool have only lost 1 game this season against Spurs in a controversial VAR error scenario and just thumped 4 past Chelsea in mid-week, which inspires them more following a visit to an organized Arsenal side at the Emirates stadium. Just expect an end to end game as log leaders will want to stretch their lead on top of the table, same as Arsenal in 3rd spot will want to cling their gap with Liverpool to 2 points with a win today.



Goal Kings: Africa Cup of Nations’ Leading Goal Scorers

Goal Kings: Africa Cup of Nations' Leading Goal Scorers

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) is a revered tournament that has witnessed outstanding performances from football legends over the years. Scoring goals at this prestigious stage is not merely a feat; it’s an honor. Let’s delve into the history of AFCON and explore the top goal scorers who have etched their names in the annals of African football.

  • Kalusha Bwalya: A Tale of Resilience

Country: Zambia | Goals: 10

Kalusha Bwalya’s journey is marked by tragedy and triumph. Having narrowly escaped a fatal plane crash in 1993 that claimed the lives of many Zambian players, Bwalya led his team to the AFCON final in 1994. Fondly known as “Kalusha,” he emerged as the top scorer with five goals, earning a nomination for the FIFA World Player of the Year.

  • Ndaye Mulamba: Record-Breaking Brilliance

Country: DR Congo | Goals: 10

Ndaye Mulamba etched his name in AFCON history by scoring a remarkable nine goals in the 1994 edition. Achieving this feat in just six games, Mulamba played a pivotal role in Zaire’s (now DR Congo) title victory, including a brace against hosts Egypt in the semi-finals.

  • Mengistu Worku: Ethiopia’s Goal-scoring Hero

Country: Ethiopia | Goals: 10

Mengistu Worku played a crucial role in Ethiopia’s 1962 AFCON triumph, emerging as the top scorer with three goals. He remains Ethiopia’s highest goal-scorer, contributing a total of 10 goals across six editions of the tournament.

  • Didier Drogba: The Ivory Coast Maestro

Country: Ivory Coast | Goals: 11

Former Chelsea forward Didier Drogba left an indelible mark on AFCON, scoring 11 goals. Although he fell short in the 2006 and 2012 editions, finishing as the runner-up, Drogba’s impact on the tournament is undeniable.

  • Hossam Hassan: Egypt’s Goal Machine

Country: Egypt | Goals: 11

Hossam Hassan not only scored 11 goals in AFCON but also clinched gold with Egypt in 1986, 1998, and 2006. His standout performance in the 1998 edition, where he shared the top scorer title with seven goals, showcased his goal-scoring prowess.

  • Patrick Mboma: Olympic Hero Turned AFCON Champion

Country: Cameroon | Goals: 11

After winning gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Patrick Mboma emerged as the joint top scorer in the 2002 and 2004 AFCON editions. His contributions played a crucial role in Cameroon’s AFCON title victories in 2000 and 2002.

  • Hassan El-Shazly: Egypt’s Goal-scoring Sensation

Country: Egypt | Goals: 12

In the 1963 AFCON, Hassan El-Shazly showcased his goal-scoring prowess by amassing six goals. His stellar performance continued with another six goals in subsequent editions, solidifying his status as an Egyptian football icon.

  • Rashidi Yekini: Nigeria’s Goal-scoring Maverick

Country: Nigeria | Goals: 13

Rashidi Yekini left an indelible mark on AFCON, being the leading goalscorer in both the 1992 and 1994 editions. His exceptional goal-scoring ability played a pivotal role in Nigeria’s triumph in 1994.

  • Laurent Pokou: The Golden Boot Maestro

Country: Ivory Coast | Goals: 14

Laurent Pokou’s legacy includes two Golden Boot awards in 1968 and 1970, with a total of 14 goals in back-to-back AFCON editions. His memorable five-goal haul against Ethiopia solidified his place as one of AFCON’s greatest goal-scorers.

  • Samuel Eto’o: The Prolific Cameroonian

Country: Cameroon | Goals: 18

Samuel Eto’o, the most prolific goal-scorer in AFCON history, claimed victory in 2000 and 2002. Eto’o’s prowess was highlighted by being the joint top scorer in 2006 and securing the Golden Boot in 2008, further cementing his legacy as a football icon.

In conclusion, these goal-scoring maestros have not only made their mark in AFCON history but have also left an enduring legacy in the hearts of football enthusiasts across the continent. Their feats on the field continue to inspire the next generation of African football talent.





1.Chelsea Vs Aston Villa – Yes (Friday)

Ndaba goal okuvva kubuli luyi olwa leero. FA Cup 4th round returns today as Chelsea host Aston Villa at Stamford Bridge. The game will be replayed if it ends in a draw however I anticipate both sides pushing through for a win to avoid match congestion following a climax of the season clocking in. I anticipate an end to end game seeing both teams score at least a goal.

2.Tottenham Vs Man City – 2 (Friday)

City ejja kumukuba kumpaka. Tottenham held Manchester City to a three all draw in the league and here comes another H2H however in FA cup this time. I anticipate Guardiola to seek his vengeance and knock Tottenham out of the FA given the fact that some of their key players like Son are off for nation tournaments. Away win for me.

3.Frankfurt Vs Mainz – Yes (Friday)

Bwetudako mugwanga elya Bugirimani, At Deutsche Park tonight 6th placed Frankfurt host 16th placed Mainz as the race for UCL football and redemption of relegation continues respectively. I anticipate an end to end game as both sides will crucially aim for maximum points today. 3/5 last H2H meetings between the 2 rivals saw both teams score at least a goal. Goal zijja kunywa okuvva kubuli side.

4.Nigeria Vs Cameroon – Yes (Saturday)

What a big game to come at this round of 16 as two African giants meet to find their fate on who advances to the Quarter finals of AFCON 2023. Cameroon narrowly qualified as they defeated Gambia in their last group game and whoever watched this game can testify that the indomitable lions are really a tournament team as they keep getting stronger as the tournament grows. I anticipate a goal from either side and we may see the game ending 1:1 to be finalized in Extra time or shoot outs.

5.Fulham Vs Newcastle – 1X (Saturday)

One of the toughest sides to play at home of recent is Fulham and at Craven cottage tonight Newcastle emerge as the guests. I do not see Magpies defeating Fulham at home following the formers recent poor form that has seen them lose all their last 4 league games. The best Newcastle can get from this game is a point to push for a replay at home. Fulham’s last game at home was against Liverpool that ended in a one all draw. Fulham akaluba ewaka Newcastle tajja kumukuba.

6.Monaco Vs Marseille – O2.5 (Saturday)

Monaco are currently 4th placed as Marseille occupy the 7th spot in the French top tier. 5 points separate the 2 sides and both will aim for a win as 3 points will see Marseille enter European spots same as Monaco will push to keep themselves in UCL positions. Both sides easily concede this season same as they both score for fan when they find open defenses. I anticipate a minimum of 3 goals if not 4. 6/10 of their last H2H meetings have seen O2.5 goals.

7.Bayer Leverkusen Vs B. Monchengladbach – HC 1 (Saturday)

Bayer Leverkusen currently lead the German Bundesliga with a 7 points margin as 2nd placed Bayern Munich have a game in hand. Bayer Leverkusen are still unbeaten and I do not see a 12th placed Monchengladbach stopping them in any way. The home side have won all their last 4 games.

8.Barcelona Vs Villarreal – 1 (Saturday)

Barcelona are currently 3rd placed trailing log leaders Girona by 8 points as 14th placed Villarreal who have only 1 win in their last 5 games are guests at Estadio Olympico. I do not see formless Villarreal stopping Barcelona who really need to cling their gap between Real Madrid and Girona. 4/5 of their last H2H meetings were won by Barcelona.

9.Equatorial Guinea Vs Guinea – U2.5 (Sunday)

What a big game on our hands today as 2 sides that have so far looked really well meet in a knock out stage (round of 16) in AFCON 2023. I anticipate a game full of respect for each other with lots of defensive tactics. This game won’t be so open and the maximum number of goals we may witness today is 2. Goal tezijja kunywa nyo muguno tusibe under ya goal essatu.

10.Fiorentina Vs Inter Milan – 2 (Sunday)

At Estadio Artemio Franchi Fiorentina host 2nd placed Inter Milan who trail log leaders Juventus by a point with a game in hand. Fiorentina have not secure a win from their last 2 league fixtures and have lost all their last 4 home H2H meetings with Inter Milan.






1.Senegal Vs Cameroon – 1 (Friday)

Basing on player quality and efficiency, Senegal slightly edges Cameroon. Basing on their opening games, Senegal looks very prepared for the tournament compared to Cameroon. I see the lions of Teranga winning though it may be a slight margin.

2.Mainz Vs Union Berlin – Yes (Friday)

Both sides are in the bottom half of the Bundesliga and here comes a tight clash as Mainz in 16th position as Union Berlin sit 15th just a spot above the host in relegation zone. Expect an end to end game with less defensive play as both will desire for the 3 points. I see a minimum of 1 goal of each side at Mewa Arena

3.Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace – 1 (Saturday)

The Gunners return to action today after their Dubai training camp hosting a Crystal Palace side that have lost all their last 3 games in all competitions. To stay in the title race, playing at home, Arsenal takes this fixture as a must win.

4.Koln Vs Dortmund – 2 (Saturday)

At Rhein-Energie Stadion, 17th placed Koln host hungry 5th placed Dortmund who intend to push their way into the top 4 spots. Dortmund are just 3 points out of the top 4 and a win today will be a big boost for them. Dortmund have won 3/5 last H2H with Koln,

5.RB Leipzig Vs Bayer Leverkusen – 2 (Saturday)

At the Redbull Arena, 4th placed RB Leipzig host log leaders Bayer Leverkusen in a big Clash. The hosts lost last weekend and following form trends, I see Bayer Leverkusen currently edging them. Let go with this away win following form and consistency. I do not see Leipzig stopping Leverkusen after fumbling against a Stuttgart side at home last weekend.

6.AS Roma Vs Verona – 1 (Saturday)

As the trend normally goes for teams that just sacked their managers, I will go with Roma defeating Verona. Roma just parted ways with Jose Mourinho on Tuesday and I do give the Interim manager a chance to come up in this game to prove his worth given that they are playing a 18th placed side at home (Stadio Olympico).

7.Mauritania Vs Angola – U2.5 (Saturday)

Mauritania lost their opening game of AFCON to Burkina Faso after conceding in the 96th minute in a penalty spot. Whoever watched the game can testify on their good defensive qualities and coming into this fixture as the weaker side, I see them properly defending Angola who are not so prolific basing on their opener. The maximum number of goals in this game will be two.

8.Lecce Vs Juventus – 2 (Sunday)

With just 2 points behind log leaders Inter Milan, Juventus cannot manage to fumble at any one moment as they look set to win the Scudetto. Juventus have won their last 4 games and I see them acquiring these 3 points. Lecce have lost ¾ of their last fixtures and I do not see them stopping high flying Juventus.

9.Bournemouth Vs Liverpool – 2 (Sunday)

Liverpool are currently on top of the EPL log as the race for 2023/24 season gets into the early stages of the 2nd leg. Liverpool will look forward to attaining maximum points in this fixture as a win will extend their lead following Man City’s pressure in 2nd position. Bournemouth have lost 9/10 last H2H meetings with Liverpool and really have a less pedigree against the Reds.

10.Girona Vs Sevilla – 1&O1.5 (Sunday)

Girona are currently leading the Spanish La Liga table with a point ahead of Real Madrid who have a game in hand. Sevilla are currently 17th placed just a place out relegation and have lost all their last 3 league games. I do not see Sevilla stopping high flying Girona at Estadio Municipal de Montilivi in Girona.