How to Withdrawal?

Withdraw with Mobile Money

● Log in your account
● Click on withdraw
withdraw mobile money
● Select mobile money
● Put the amount you are withdrawing
● Put your pin
● It will be credited on your account
NB: You have to use that number you used to register only !

Withdraw with USSD

● Dial – *165*4*6*6#

● Select – Online Withdraw
● Enter your online GSB account ID
● Enter withdraw amount
● Enter your withdrawal transfer code 
● Send (1) to confirm the transaction

withdraw USSD

SMS Been sent to you with the withdrawal confirmation

Withdraw in Shop

● Log in your account, click on withdrawal

● Select shop
● Put the amount you wish to withdraw and the password
● Click on request withdraw
● You will receive a message with your withdraw transfer code to your Phone
● Go to our nearest shop, give the cashier /manager your user id, amount withdrawn and the withdraw code