Unveiling the Kings: CAF Reveals Top 10 African Football Leagues

Top 10 CAF Leagues | GSB

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has just revealed the continent’s elite leagues! While the 2023/2024 interclub competitions heat up, this ranking sheds light on the championships consistently producing powerhouse teams.


North Africa Reigns Supreme

As anticipated, North African nations claim the top spots. Egypt clinches the number one position thanks to its clubs’ dominant performances on the continental stage in recent seasons.

Morocco follows closely, boasting an impressive four continental titles – a combination of Champions League and Confederation Cup wins – over the past four years.

Algeria takes the bronze medal position, proudly celebrating USM Alger’s historic CAF Super Cup victory last season.


A Southern Surge

A major surprise emerges with South Africa’s meteoric rise to fourth place. This marks the first sub-Saharan African league to crack the top circle, just edging out Tunisia for the coveted position.


Notable Absentees

Despite recent continental success stories, established powerhouses like Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, and Senegal are conspicuously absent from the CAF’s Top 10.


The CAF Top 10: A League of Champions

See below the official CAF ranking of Africa’s best football leagues, based on club results from the past five seasons of the African Champions League and CAF Cup:

  1. Egypt (Premier League): 180 pts
  2. Morocco (Botola): 172.5 points
  3. Algeria (Ligue 1): 134 pts
  4. South Africa (PSL): 114 pts
  5. Tunisia (League 1): 101 pts
  6. Tanzania (Ligi Kuu): 56.5 pts
  7. RD Congo (Linafoot): 54 pts
  8. Angola (Girabola): 41.5 pts
  9. Sudan (PL): 39 pts
  10. Côte d’Ivoire (Ligue 1): 29 pts

The Final Whistle

The CAF rankings paint a fascinating picture of African football’s landscape. While North Africa holds strong, South Africa’s rise signals, a potential shift in power. Will established giants return to the top? Who will be the next surprise contender?

Want to learn more about African football’s rising stars and established giants? Stay tuned for further analysis and insights!