The Teams with the Most Champions League Wins

The Teams with the Most Champions League Wins

For football fans in Europe, the Champions League is the best club competition there is. Competing teams from all over the continent want to be the first to lift the prestigious prize. A lot of people want to win the Champions League, but only a few have actually done it. This article will rank the clubs by how many Champions Leagues they have won. This will help you learn more about the sports legends who have won this prestigious tournament.

The Eternal Glory of Multiple Champions

So, which team can boast the most Champions League trophies? Who sits at the top of the all-time rankings, and what is the current status of this illustrious competition?

To determine the rankings, we considered not only victories in the modern-day Champions League but also successes in the “old” Cup of the Samples. Although the tournament underwent a name change in 1992, it essentially remained the same, making all victories before that year equally valid. Let’s dive into the rankings and discover which teams have secured the most Champions League victories in the history of the sport.

Champions League Rankings: The Most Successful Teams with the Most Champions League Wins

Here is the complete ranking of teams with the most Champions League victories, including the number of finals they’ve played in:

  1. Real Madrid – 14 titles (17 finals)
  2. Milan – 7 titles (11 finals)
  3. Liverpool – 6 titles (10 finals)
  4. Bayern Munich – 6 titles (11 finals)
  5. Barcelona – 5 titles (8 finals)
  6. Ajax – 4 titles (6 finals)
  7. Inter – 3 titles (5 finals)
  8. Manchester United – 3 titles (5 finals)
  9. Chelsea – 2 titles (3 finals)
  10. Benfica – 2 titles (7 finals)
  11. Juventus – 2 titles (9 finals)
  12. Nottingham Forest – 2 titles (2 finals)
  13. Porto – 2 titles (2 finals)
  14. Borussia Dortmund – 1 title (2 finals)
  15. Celtic FC – 1 title (2 finals)
  16. Hamburg – 1 title (2 finals)
  17. Steaua Bucharest – 1 title (2 finals)
  18. Marseille – 1 title (2 finals)
  19. Feyenoord – 1 title (1 final)
  20. Aston Villa – 1 title (1 final)
  21. PSV Eindhoven – 1 title (1 final)
  22. Red Star Belgrade – 1 title (1 final)
  23. Manchester City – 1 title

Undoubtedly, the team that has clinched the most Champions League titles is Real Madrid. Los Blancos have dominated the rankings, boasting a staggering 14 titles, leaving their competitors far behind. Real Madrid has truly tched their name in the annals of football history. The Spanish giants achieved their historic treble of victories from 2016 to 2018, which positioned them at the summit. Notably, they reclaimed the title in 2022 under the guidance of Carlo Ancelotti, defeating Liverpool in the final.

In the second spot, we find an Italian giant, AC Milan. Over the course of their storied history, Milan has appeared in 11 Champions League finals, securing victory on seven occasions. Their most recent triumph came on May 23, 2007, when they defeated Liverpool in Athens.

Sharing the third place in the rankings are Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Liverpool recently claimed victory in 2019 with Jurgen Klopp at the helm, while Bayern Munich is the most successful German team in the Champions League, securing their latest title in 2020 by defeating Paris Saint-Germain.

Not Just Teams: Nations with the Most Champions League Wins

It’s not just individual teams that make their mark; nations also play a pivotal role in the Champions League’s rich history. Here is a ranking of nations with the most Champions League victories:

  1. Spain – 19 titles (30 finals)
  2. England – 15 titles (25 finals)
  3. Italy – 12 titles (28 finals)
  4. Germany – 8 titles (18 finals)
  5. Netherlands – 6 titles (8 finals)
  6. Portugal – 4 titles (9 finals)
  7. France – 1 title (7 finals)
  8. Romania – 1 title (2 finals)
  9. Scotland – 1 title (2 finals)
  10. Yugoslavia/Serbia – 1 title (2 finals)

In this special ranking of nations, Spain stands tall with 19 titles, closely followed by England with 15. Italy claims the third spot with 12 Champions League titles.

As we learn more about the past of football, it becomes clear that the Champions League has been a place where great teams and countries have come from. Whether it’s Real Madrid’s dominance, AC Milan’s outstanding performance, or the contributions of countries like Spain, England, and Italy, the Champions League continues to captivate football fans all over the world, making each season more memorable than the last.