Uganda and Manchester United Join Forces to Boost Tourism

Uganda and Manchester United explore a possible collaboration to promote Ugandan tourism through a potential sponsorship deal | GSB

The Uganda Manchester United Collaboration is set to replicate the success of Rwanda’s relationship with English Premier League clubs in improving tourism. By leveraging Manchester United’s international appeal, Uganda plans to increase its global visibility and attract more tourists.

The Concept of Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is a growing industry where countries leverage sports events, teams, and partnerships to attract tourists. This strategy enhances a nation’s visibility and can drive significant economic benefits.


The Success of Rwanda’s Strategy

The “Visit Rwanda” campaign, visible on the jerseys of Arsenal and PSG, has set a precedent. This effective branding partnership boosted Rwanda’s tourism industry significantly. According to The East African, Rwanda’s partnership generated USD 160 million in media value in 2022 and helped generate USD 445 million in tourism revenues, thanks to over a million visitors to Rwanda that year.


Uganda’s Vision with Manchester United

Uganda’s Parliament proposes a similar initiative with Manchester United. The plan involves advertising Uganda through various platforms associated with Manchester United, including stadium advertisements and football shirts. This Uganda Manchester United Collaboration aims to capitalize on Manchester United’s extensive global fan base.

Potential Benefits of the Collaboration

  1. Increased Tourism: Manchester United’s global reach can help in attracting international tourists to Uganda.
  2. Economic Growth: More revenue for local businesses and improved economy could be achieved if tourism industry is properly boosted.
  3. Brand Visibility: By associating with a well-known global brand such as Manchester United, Uganda’s international image can greatly improve.

Challenges and Considerations

  1. Financial Investment: Such collaborations require significant financial investment, which must be carefully planned.
  2. ROI Measurement: It is essential to establish metrics to measure the return on investment from this partnership.
  3. Sustainability: Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the partnership is crucial for ongoing benefits.


The Uganda Manchester United Collaboration stands a chance of growing Uganda’s tourism sector while enhancing its global visibility. By learning from Rwanda’s successful strategy, Uganda can effectively implement and benefit from this sports tourism initiative.