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To briefly tell you about French football, Ligue 1 is the top tier in French football and every local player in the country dreams of showcasing at this level professionally. The league is backed by a number of low tier leagues as a basis for a strong league in France. Ligue 1 was founded in 1930 (91 years ago) and in the year 2002, it was officially named as Ligue 1 by the official football governing body in France LFP (Ligue de Football Professional).

The all time most winners of the league:
• Saint Etienne (10 titles)
• Marseille (9 titles)
• Paris Saint Germaine (9 titles)
• As Monaco (8 titles)
• Nantes (8 titles)

The all time leading goal scorers for Ligue 1 are:
1. Delio Onnis (299 goals)
2. Bernand Lacombe (255 goals)
3. Herve Revelli (216 goals)
4. Roger Courtois (210 goals)

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It is so simple to identify the best teams in Ligue1 being PSG, Lyon, Lille Marseille & Monaco. Last season’s winners PSG and current leaders Lille and Lyon are some of the favorites to bet on however there odds are always a bit low most especially while playing at home grounds thus less profitability. In order to gain more profits on these teams on the 1X2 market, you have to stake big.

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