It has been twenty years since Brazil last won the World Cup. Since then, every time they’ve reached the knockout rounds and faced teams from Europe, they’ve lost. For example, in 2018, when Tite was their coach, they lost to Belgium in the quarterfinals. It was one of only two losses that Tite has had during his six-year tenure, which has included 42 competitive games.

Since then, however, it would appear that the club has made significant progress. The emergence, amongst others, of Vinicius Junior and Raphinha has added offensive alternatives to a line-up that has been exhibiting excellent defensive stability. In addition, the team has been making great achievements.

In 2018, Brazil were not too far behind, and they had certainly earned the right to push the match against Belgium into extra time. They appear to be in better shape currently and will have great matches throughout Qatar. 


In order to make it difficult for their opponents to play out, Brazil sets a high mark, and they also try to hold the majority of possession. It is now anticipated of the fullbacks that, with the return of the wingers, they will make up the additional man in the middle of the field and come into the offensive line to add an element of surprise.

Tite is charismatic and skilled, yet he has not been able to win the World Cup despite his success in everything else he has attempted. 




An enormous World Cup in the career of the eternal child prodigy. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will help him towards defining his legacy in the eyes of his countrymen.