The lucky draws that Tunisia received helped to assure them that they would qualify for the tournament. Even so, they were only able to advance to the play-offs thanks to a weird own goal, although one that was helped along by some tenacious defence.

They were able to go to the quarterfinals of the AFCON finals in January, but they ended up losing more games than they won, which ultimately led to the dismissal of their head coach, Mondher Kebaier.


The Tunisian national team looks for opportunities on the counterattack, relying on a rock-solid defense and an equally stingy midfield to provide the launchpad for their attacks. They are notoriously hard to dismantle, and their strategies almost never include any kind of broad thinking. 


Seifeddine Jaziri

It is less of a sensitive subject these days when African countries play their old colonial rulers, but a significant number of Tunisia’s players were born in France, and as a result, they will have a great deal of motivation.