Embrace the Spirit of Africa: Win Big with our AFCON Qualifiers Giveaway! Sign up for this promotion with your ID number and bet on Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying games within these 7 days.

Register for promotion.
Use your User ID number.

Bet on AFCON Qualifiers.
Minimum bet is 10,000 UGX.

Become a winner.
Get a share of 550,000 UGX.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All registered GSB customers may participate in the promotion.
  2. Customer must register (OPT IN) with their user ID in order to participate.
  3. Promotion will take place from 06.09.2023 to 12.09.2023.
  4. Minimum amount per ticket is 10,000 UGX.
  5. Ticket must include at least one Africa Cup of Nations Qualifying game. Bets on Casino and Virtual Sports are not eligible for this promotion.
  6. The points system depends on the participant’s total ticket amount, which must be no less than 10,000 UGX. 10,000 UGX ticket gives you 100 points. For example, a player placed a ticket with 50,000 UGX, which gives him 500 points. Each new ticket above 10,000 UGX will be counted with points and summed up.
  7. Winners will be determined by a random draw.
  8. Giveaway prize list (total prize pool = 550,000 UGX):



1st place

120,000 UGX FreeBet

2nd place

90,000 UGX FreeBet

3rd place

80,000 UGX FreeBet

4th place

70,000 UGX FreeBet

5th place

60,000 UGX FreeBet

6th place

40,000 UGX FreeBet

7th place

30,000 UGX FreeBet

8th place

25,000 UGX FreeBet

9th place

20,000 UGX FreeBet

10th place

15,000 UGX FreeBet

  1. Only one prize per winner.
  2. Winners will be announced according to the total count of points after the end of the promotion period.
  3. Prizes will be credited to winners’ accounts during the next 72 hours after the promotion ends according to the leaderboard.
  4. Promotion is available for all GSB users in Uganda.
  5. Participating in this promotion you give your acceptance to post your photo with a prize for GSB marketing purposes.
  6. This offer can be stopped anytime at the company’s discretion.
  7. GSB has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse participation at any time without prior notice.
  8. GSB reserves the right to review customers’ transaction records and logs for any reason. If upon such review, it appears that a customer is participating in a strategy that GSB at its sole discretion deems to be unfair, GSB reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customers to the promotion and cancel their winnings.
  9. All our relevant general T&C apply.

The Winners’ leaderboard for 06.09.23 – 12.09.23:

127161417400120,000 UGX
2264086473290,000 UGX
3832600408280,000 UGX
4811687317770,000 UGX
5102826248060,000 UGX
6825303234040,000 UGX
7830519220030,000 UGX
8450068217925,000 UGX
984457195020,000 UGX
10317916194015,000 UGX

Congratulations to our winners!

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