Join the adrenaline-packed adventure of the African Qualifiers FreeBet Giveaway. The countries of Africa are battling it out for an entry to the 2026 World Cup and you have a chance to bet and enter our electrifying giveaway. 40 lucky winners will get their share from a prize pool of 2,000,000 UGX!

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Bet on CAF World Cup Qualifiers.

The 40 users with the highest wager will win FreeBets!

The Winners’ leaderboard for 05.06.24 – 11.06.24:

Congratulations to our winners!

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19045992300000150000 UGX FreeBet
22718052235000130000 UGX FreeBet
34380101534901120000 UGX FreeBet
4268285798448100000 UGX FreeBet
51104194683285100000 UGX FreeBet
6719443680000100000 UGX FreeBet
71163508670000100000 UGX FreeBet
884457664000100000 UGX FreeBet
91119962636066100000 UGX FreeBet
10481448389000100000 UGX FreeBet
11115574038737030000 UGX FreeBet
12109751038100030000 UGX FreeBet
1332345836300030000 UGX FreeBet
1429929029600030000 UGX FreeBet
15118339526125430000 UGX FreeBet
16122371924900030000 UGX FreeBet
1734846523300030000 UGX FreeBet
18118517822970030000 UGX FreeBet
1941495822500030000 UGX FreeBet
2035425519825630000 UGX FreeBet
21121151418688030000 UGX FreeBet
22115782717640930000 UGX FreeBet
2343925317000030000 UGX FreeBet
241204243167746.6830000 UGX FreeBet
2578439416500030000 UGX FreeBet
26122249116200030000 UGX FreeBet
2731275615447930000 UGX FreeBet
2895797615073030000 UGX FreeBet
29121924715000030000 UGX FreeBet
3086689313700030000 UGX FreeBet
3142068613700030000 UGX FreeBet
321068868126220.4430000 UGX FreeBet
3396164912100030000 UGX FreeBet
34114104311665530000 UGX FreeBet
3541575311100030000 UGX FreeBet
3632605310737030000 UGX FreeBet
3791156010250030000 UGX FreeBet
38122169810200030000 UGX FreeBet
391844279700030000 UGX FreeBet
4010800889622730000 UGX FreeBet


African Qualifiers FreeBet Giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • A BETTER PLACE LIMITED (‘’GSB’’ or “Company”) provides this promotion with the understanding that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.
  • To participate in this promotion, the customer needs to sign-up for the promotion with their User ID number. Only one participation to the promotion per user.
  • This promotion is available for all registered customers from eligible country [Uganda] from 05.06.24 (00:01 GMT) to 11.06.24 (23:59 GMT).
  • Wager must include at least one CAF World Cup Qualifiers match.
  • The prize winners will be selected based on the participants who have wagered the highest total amount during the promotional period. The announcement of the winners is scheduled to occur within the next 72 hours following the conclusion of the promotion.
  • Giveaway prize list (total prize pool = 2,000,000 UGX):
1st place150,000 UGX FreeBet
2nd place130,000 UGX FreeBet
3rd place120,000 UGX FreeBet
4th-10th place100,000 UGX FreeBet
11th-40th place30,000 UGX FreeBet
  • Bets must be placed exclusively on Sports events including both Live and Pre-match. Bets on Virtual sports are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Bonus will be credited to customer’s account within 72 hours after the promotion ends, provided that all participation requirements have been met.
  • This promotion may be terminated at the Company’s discretion at any time.
  • Company reserves the right to amend, cancel, or renew the terms of the promotion or refuse participation without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately upon their posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically for any changes.
  • Company retains the right to review customer transaction records and logs for any reason. In the event that such a review reveals a customer’s participation in a strategy that the Company, at its sole discretion, deems to be unfair, Company reserves the following rights:
    1. Revoking the entitlement of such customers to the promotion.
    2. Cancelling any associated winnings.
  • All relevant general Gaming rules of the Company apply to this promotion.

FreeBet Terms & Conditions 

  1. If a player who receives the FreeBet is found to be ineligible, the FreeBet will be cancelled. 
  2. Company reserves the right to cancel the FreeBet at any time. 
  3. Any FreeBet balance must be used in its entirety as a single bet. 
  4. In the event that the FreeBet is placed on a selection that is later voided, the original Bonus Bet wagered amount will be returned to your Account. 
  5. The FreeBet is non-refundable, and the FreeBet wagered amount is not included in any winnings. Only the winnings will be credited to your Account. 
  6. Each FreeBet is valid for 3 days after receiving it. 
  7. A FreeBet can only be used to place wagers, and cannot be transferred, substituted, or exchanged. 
  8. Any available FreeBet balance cannot be withdrawn. 
  9. These FreeBets are valid for use on Sports Betting events only, including both pre-match & live events. 
  10. These FreeBet cannot be used with any other FreeBet promotion from the Company. 
  11. Minimum requirements to use FreeBet: 
    1. 1 Wager 
    2. 3 Selections 
    3. Minimum odd per selection: 1.3
    4. One bonus per user