Cash Out gives you ultimate control. When your bet is in the center of the action, Cash Out allows you to collect your winnings before the event ends.


Select the bet listed under the "Pending" section.

Click on the "Cash Out" option.


How It Works

  • Availability: Cash Out is available for selected betting markets and sports events. It can be used both before the start (Pre-game) and during (In-Progress) a match. You can cash out at any moment, with the exception of when the odds are locked and the game is suspended.
  • Determining Payout: The amount of early payout a player receives depends on when they choose to close their bet and the current variation of the odds. The payout can be lower or higher than the initial bet amount.
  • Winning Bet: If a player’s bet is on the winning side and they want to celebrate instantly, they can hit Cash Out to claim their winnings immediately.
  • Loss Recovery: In the event of a loss, players can use Cash Out to regain control of their game. If the odds have turned unfavorably, Cash Out allows them to recover some of their losing bet.

Step-by-Step Process:

  • Go to ‘MY BETS’.
  • For any eligible bet, the green Cash Out button, along with the associated Cash Out value, will appear.
  • Click on the Cash Out button, and you’ll be prompted to confirm your decision to Cash Out your bet.
  • Once confirmed, enjoy your winnings! The money will be deposited into your account right away.
  • Warning: Once confirmed Cashout cannot be reversed.

Why Might your Cash Out not be Working or Available?

Cash Out isn’t available for all markets on our Sportsbook. But it’s available for a lot!

If cash out becomes unavailable to you, it is most likely for one of the following reasons:

  1. The market you’ve bet on does not have cash out available (e.g. some Prices, football, handicap, markets)
  2. The market does not go in-play (e.g. The market is suspended temporarily due to match incidents and market suspension. e.g.: when prices are changing after a goal, VAR, break point, try etc. If the bet features multiple in-play games, the risk of suspension increases, and more patience may be required.
  3. The third-party provider who covers the sporting event has unfortunately not been able to continue coverage, as originally agreed. Pricing and cash out have been lost as a result