Unbeatable Champions: Boxing Undefeated Icons

Unbeatable Champions: Boxing Undefeated Icons

Boxing can cause a champion to rise and fall, but only some will always maintain an unblemished record throughout their career. A lot of undefeated boxers can be found in our review of them through times and those presently participating in the sport of boxing having no defeat.


Undefeated Boxers in History: Examining Records and Victories

It is unusual for a boxer to have an unblemished record in the violent world of boxing. Many great boxers like Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao among others have tasted defeat. But there are others who never lost a fight during their careers too. In this article we present 15 such fighters along with their victories’ number, followed by a closer look at some of the most noteworthy names in this exclusive ranking.

  • Jimmy Barry (59-0-11-1)
  • Ricardo Lopez (51-0-1)
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0-0)
  • Rocky Marciano (49-0-0)
  • Joe Calzaghe (46-0-0)
  • Sven Ottke (34-0-0)
  • Andre Ward (32-0-0)
  • Harry Simon (31-0-0)
  • Mihai Leu (28-0-0)
  • Jack McAuliffe (28-0-10)
  • Edwin Valero (27-0-0)
  • Terry Marsh (26-0-1)
  • Pichit Sitbangprachan (24-0-0)
  • Dmitry Pirog (20-0-0)
  • Kim Ji-Won (16-0-0)


Jimmy Barry: A Legend Born in Chicago

Born in 1887 in Chicago, Jimmy Barry stands as the boxer with the most victories without single defeats ever recorded in boxing history. He made his debut in 1891 and rose to become one of the greatest flyweights and bantamweights ever in the sport. After an opponent’s tragic death due to injuries sustained during a match, Barry changed his tactics from knockout wins towards point victories.


Ricardo Lopez: The Refined Mexican Champion

Ricardo Lopez known as “The Refined” is still among the few boxers who retired as reigning champions without ever losing a single fight through their career. Hailing from Mexico, he claimed 51 wins with 38 of them coming via knockouts while drawing only once. Being a prominent figure in strawweight and mini-weight divisions, Lopez entered the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.


Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The Living Legend

Since his start in 1996, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has been winning against some of the best fighters up until now; it was not by accident that we all refer to him as “great.” His unbeaten record comprises of 50 wins (0 losses). For instance, he overcame De La Hoya, Pacquiao, Canelo and others. It is noteworthy that the living legend handed down Mexican adversary with his only defeat marking his name into eternity.


Rocky Marciano: A Heavyweight Icon

Following Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s steps is Rocky Marciano whose scorecard reads 49-0-0; this places him among the heavyweight icons of boxing. From 1947 to 1955, Marciano managed to win by knockout in as many as seventy-eight percent cases amounting to forty-three combats out of fifty. In addition to it being one of greatest match ups within that sport’s history including especially memorable ones such as Joe Louis fight with him back in1951.


Active Undefeated Boxers: The Torchbearers of Excellence

In the present era, there are still some boxers who maintain the tradition of untarnished excellence that has always helped them engrave their names in boxing history. Within this group however, are three champions; namely Tyson Fury, Gervonta Davis and Oleksandar Usyk. Now let us examine their impressive accomplishments and unbeaten records.

  • Tyson Fury (34-0-1)
  • Gervonta Davis (29-0-0)
  • Oleksandr Usyk (21-0-0)

Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King’s Reign

Tyson Fury is one of the most celebrated boxers nowadays and he is also referred to as “The Gipsy King.” This has been majorly contributed by his epic rivalry with Deontay Wilder that saw them win several fights but at times clashed terribly. With significant wins over Vladimir Klitschko and Francis Ngannou among others, Fury remains the WBC and The Ring heavyweight world champion.


Gervonta Davis: The Knockout Sensation

Gervonta Davis is known as one of the most exciting fighters in boxing due to his knock out power. His knockout rate stands at an impressive 93% which reminds many people of Mike Tyson’s records. This recent defence on WBA lightweight title further places him as a threatening force inside the ring.


Oleksandr Usyk: The Ukrainian Maestro

From Ukraine, Oleksandr Usyk rises as a heavyweight to be reckoned with. Gold at the Olympics in London and recognition as “boxer of the year” are an immense boost to his reputation. His victories over Anthony Joshua, including a spectacular rematch, make him the undisputed heavyweight champion.

To conclude, boxing has always shown that there are unbeaten champions who write their names on history’s walls through unmatched talent, determination and relentless effort. These fighters, who range from old-school greats to current-day guardians of excellence, continue to amaze and inspire fans with their actions, making them the very best in their sport.