Online Tennis Betting: Tips, strategies and Predictions

Welcome to the tennis category of the Gal Sport Betting, arguably the best place on the internet for top tennis betting offers and tennis tips! As the leading African betting website for tennis, we offer you the best and most detailed method to win big while betting on tennis. Be sure to check out our website regularly for all the latest tennis betting offers and most importantly – our in-house tennis tips that can maximize your profits faster than Ivo Karlović’s ace serve.

Learn all there is to know about tennis betting

If you don’t know who Ivo Karlović is, then congratulations – you’re in the right place to learn all you need to know about tennis and to expand your tennis knowledge. We’re talking about one of the absolute tennis legends who holds the all-time record for most career aces. Knowing this information in tennis betting situations can heavily influence your winnings and turn the tide in your favor. Our team of tennis analysts and experts will tell you all you need to know about each player’s preferred type of surface, play style, and form – all for you to make the right decision come betting time.

This information might come as a shock to a regular tennis fan, but did you know that most of the people that engage in tennis betting have no idea that ball and player speed differ from one court surface to another? If you follow our tennis tips on a regular basis you’ll know exactly why Rafael Nadal is the perfect pick when tournament is played on clay, or why Novak Đoković is the best when it comes to hard court surfaces.

What huge majority of people don’t realize is that there are plenty more tennis players outside the Top 50, or Top 100 who have a preferred playing surface. This information highly increases your chances to win big, especially if you know that their opponent does not play well on that specific surface. This information is a game-changer in tennis betting. Therefore, watch for our tennis tips carefully and you’ll be able win big just as Roger Federer, without breaking a sweat!

Use our tennis tips to diversify your betting strategy

If you listen to our experts and analysts closely, you’ll be able to point out the specific strengths and weaknesses of one particular player. This knowledge and these betting decisions can turn you from a loser to a winner. The prize pool does not have to be reserved only for ATP winners. Our in-house tennis tips can help you win big as you will be able to diversify your tennis betting strategy and place your bets wisely, playing one particular aspect that you know your favorite is good at. It is always a good thing to know your facts.

You don’t have to place your bets exclusively on the winner of the match. Did you know that you can bet on a whole variety of things, including the number of aces in a given match, number of double faults for a particular player or a winner in a particular set? With tennis tips provided by our expert analyst team you will always be empowered with information that you need to bet smart.

No better place for tennis betting

We are proud of the fact that our tennis online betting offer is huge. We cover all local tournaments in Uganda, Tanzania & Zambia and Africa, but with Gal Sport Betting you can place your bets with ease on all major Grand Slam tournaments or Masters series, all ATP tournaments around the world, including all WTA and Challenger series. This all includes, of course, single’s, double’s, and mixed categories, making Gal Sport Betting the best place on the internet for tennis betting! Simply put – we have it all.

The best tennis tips only for your pleasure

First things first – all tennis tips on our website are free of charge. However, not one prediction about anything is 100% accurate, but by listening carefully to our team of experts and tennis analysts, your chances to win big will get increasingly higher. Our tennis experts spend hours upon hours each day looking at all the different statistical data to bring you the best possible tennis tips. Thanks to our dedicated team of tennis experts who will look into the deepest statistical data there is, and all this so that you don’t have to lose time doing so, it has never been easier to bet and win big on tennis!

Our analysts follow closely a whole variety of information that can be extremely useful come the match day. Some players could be starting a new tournament with their injury from their last tournament still causing them trouble. That’s how upsets happen all the time. With our free tennis tips and great tennis betting analyst team you will always be up to date with the most prudent and useful information!

Live tennis betting is the next big thing

As with every other sport today, live betting in tennis is getting more popular and popular. How does it work? Fairly simple. All you have to do is place your bet before the point starts. What is extremely interesting with live tennis betting is that odds change with each point. This could also be a great opportunity for you. If you follow our in-house tennis tips closely, you will be able to deduce more clearly what is going on the tennis court. You’ll get a chance to gain specific knowledge on a particular player, his playing style, preferred playing surface, recent form, and much more information that can help you maximize your profit in a matter of minutes during live betting on tennis.